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God Hidan Mod

Another awesome mod by CrownClown Anime And GamingĀ  packed with a different moveset after awakening, new jutsus and a new ultimate

Shisui2.0 Moveset Mod

A great moveset mod by MUNS499 of Shisui   Be sure to select the 1st Jutsu and Gi or the game might crash

Wandering Sasuke Mod

***Play only option 1 Jutsu and Ultimate Jutsu*** or else the game might crash!!! I hope everyone likes it. thank you

little Damien’s – Yurui Movest

Yurui Mod by little Damien (replace Kids Obito) Check out the Showcase Vid

Swordsman Sasuke moveset by CrownClown Anime And Gaming [Link Fixed]

This adds a new costume to kirin sasuke plus new – up combo – down combo – side combo – neutral combo – tilt – air combo – down jutsu – 2 new ultimates ENJOY

3 Original Characters

Soul of Mod has come out with 3 custom character mods Also works in 3vs3 as a team, but not against big loading characters like rikudos. It also depends on the RAM of the PC Some sounds are missing in this mod, its still a WIP Big thanks to Hosuke Haruhiko for the icons and […]


An excellent moveset mod by Ikiru Noah. Sakura is not my favorite character in NUNS4, but this mod might change my mind!

Tobi GNW 2.0 moveset mod

An awesome tobi moveset mod by MUNS499 Check out the video,