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Zabuza Momochi (Shirtless Outfit)

Basically Zabuza’s shirtless outfit from his first appearance. Although more experienced modders could probably add another costume slot for it to go in, this currently replaces Zabuza’s default (non-reanimation) costume. CREDITS: Mod by me 3D Model by: NaraShadows Modding Tools made by: Zealottormunds Special thanks for helping me learn the process: TheLeonX

New Naruto Games Announced

Attention Ninjas of the Hidden Storm, today i bring an Epic news, Bandai has recently released a brand new trailer for, not just one, but 2 new Naruto-related projects: Naruto to Boruta: Shinobi Striker and Naruto Shippudden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy, a collection of four previously released games, remastered. First up is Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi […]

Kushimaru Kuriarare

Kushimaru kuriarare from naruto shippuden

Kankuro Test No mark

Kankuro test mod


Kitsuchi Naruto Storm 4

Mei uchiwa

Mizukage Mei uchiwa sharingan

Jinin Akebino

Jinin Akebino

Gold Brothers ( Kingin Kyodai)

Gold Brothers ( Kingin Kyodai) mod

Samurai Soldat

Samurai Soldat (Naruto shippuden) replaces Sasuke

Pack Mods 2

Mod pack 2 – Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4By Laminutegameplay Présentation du deuxième pack  de “LaMinuteGameplay” avec 10 Mods -Edo Kakashi-Edo minato to naruto Hockage-Jirobo-Minato Uchiha V2-Sasuke without jacket– Sakumo Hatake-Orochimaru to Kimimaru-Kabuta Chikara– Sage Minato-Fuu to bikini Ino Pour l’installation——————– -Crée un Dossier appelé “data_win32” la ou ce trouve “l’exe” du jeu -Crée dans […]