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NSUNS4 – Sarada Chunin Exam

Sarada Chunin Exam moveset mod

Naruto The Last 2.0

Mod By MUNS499

The Real Copy Ninja

This is a great mod by CrownClown Anime And Gaming , really gives that “Copy Cat Ninja” Kakashi feel !


Ms7mido‘s reimagination of Naruto “The Last”

Sarada Mangekyo/Sharinnegan Moveset

Another awesome mod “by Soul of Mod She has a few graphical inconsistencies, but all-in-all a really nice mod!

Byakugan Sharinnegan Female Otsutsuki

An awesome mod by Soul of Mod Works good with The Last Sasuke and The Last Naruto Mod

They should Add these Characters in the Naruto/Boruto Anime

An awesome set of Original Characters (WIP) created by Soul Of Mod. This modder is thorough and i appreciate that about his work. From the skin, the moveset, to the voices, excellent work and i hope we see more of his mods. Cant wait for this project to be done!

Adult Mistsuki Mod

Another awesome mod by Soul Of Mod

God Hidan Mod

Another awesome mod by CrownClown Anime And Gaming  packed with a different moveset after awakening, new jutsus and a new ultimate

Shisui2.0 Moveset Mod

A great moveset mod by MUNS499 of Shisui   Be sure to select the 1st Jutsu and Gi or the game might crash