UPDATE 2 – Hokage Naruto(RTB) Chakra Cloak+

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    Hokage Naruto(RTB) Chakra Cloak + Sasuke(WN) Final Battle

  • event_noteChangelog

    Added two Slots.

    First slot : Chakra mode.

    Second slot : Chakra mode Damaged( Momoshiki Battle).

    Version 1.02

    Each outfit have a different transformation.
    Keeping chakra mode (mantle) for awakening ( for a good reason,trust me 🙂 ).

    Note : when playing naruto(normal,chakra) vs naruto (damaged) the game choose the first player transformation for each player.

    Version 1.03

    Added a second slot for Sasuke(Wandering Ninja) - Momoshiki Battle  (just for fun).

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