Seven Ninja Swordsmen-Mangetsu Hozuki

  • descriptionDescription

    Replaces Naruto original shikamaru with Mangetsu Hozuki. This mod has a custom moveset as well.This mod was not made by me it was made by little Damien

    So all credit goes to him.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Unzip The file with winrar. Then inside your ninja storm 4 main file directory Make a new file name it data_win32. Then open the file you unzipped and open the Mangetsu Hozuki folder then copy all the files there except Edo Controled then paste them inside the data_win32 file. Load up the game and choose naruto original shikamaru. If you want Edo Controlled then open it copy one of the xfbin files. And paste it inside the spc folder you pasted earlier if it says replace then replace.

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