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    What is the purpose of this mod?

    As CC2 has neglected to fix bugs and balance characters as they are not focused on providing a competitive experience, we are taking this into our own hands. We want to provide an experience founded in the greatest aspects of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 while incorporating new gameplay ideas.

    Discord to Matchmake:

    Mod Pack Credits: Lead Developers - Exavadeathwitch, HydraBladez

    Lead Designer - Playco Armboy

    Playtesters - Raghbir, Poisoned, Malice, Paradoxitic, Gunweed

    Costume Modders - Chakrawarrior2012, akiaki, Haikal, ShinBasker

    Moveset Modders - Eliteace, TobiisTenten, Valant96

    Engine Modders - Nighlin

    Sound Modder - TheOneOfAll

    Artwork - Garrison

    Special thanks to Zealot and R.A.G. for the modding API.

    Super special thanks to TheWalkingAmongTheDead, Theovanua, Typhonua, Crownclown, Portable Productions, and UltimateOmbuStorm for providing code and models.

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