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      My username is base on what if Naruto leave or was banished from the Leave Village after the Pein’s attack cause he was the cause of the attack by the Elders and Danzo. 

      Naruto found a Cherry Blossom tree but it was hollow inside of the trunk. He decides to name this village Hanagakure but with his connections with Toki, Spring Daimyo, and Haruna. I think Naruto would get a yes from them to make a land that was once part of the Spring Country. Now, this part was known as the Cherry Blossom tree.  Naruto becomes the Shodaime Sakurakage. Sakurakage_Hat

      Naruto created a statue of the Genin outfit of Sakura Haruno in the town square. This statue has a plaque that reads, “Hanagakure is beautiful as Sakura Haruno’s Large Charming Forehead and it’s strong as her as well -SHODAIME SAKURAKAGE.” but at the gates of the village, there are two Statues of  Sakura Haruno in her Shippuden outfit.




      I’m a NaruShion Shipper cause Shion had a mixture of Hinata and Sakura’s personalities and attitude towards Naruto.

      • NaruShion
      • NaruSaku
      • NaruIno
      • NaruIsarabi
      • NaruHokuto 
      • NaruAmaru
      • NaruTemari
      • NaruTenten
      • NaruKarin
      • NaruShizuka
      • NaruKarui
      • NaruKurotushi
      • SasuHina (Cause the Sky girl gets the High School heartthrob. I think that’s a better story.)
      • ChoIno
      • GaaraSakura (Only if Naruto, Rock Lee, and Sasuke die and Naruto asked Sakura to married Gaara.)
      • Rock LeeXSakura (Only if Naruto and Sasuke die.)
      • ShikamaruIno (Only if Choji dies.)

      I’m wondering if someone could mod a whole game of Naruto with a different storyline with OC Characters?



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