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      In Borderlands 3, there is actually very limited use for BL3 money but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. The money that you earn in this game is used to purchase SDUs which are Storage Deck Upgrades. These let you carry more ammunition for different weapons in the game which is a pretty important thing. However, Borderlands 3 cash can also be spent at vending machines to get new items and guns.


      SDUs can be purchased from Marcus’ Mutiniations at Sanctuary and will probably be your main purchase throughout the game. This means you need lots of money to stay on top of all the storage space you need.


      Selling Items


      This is probably the most obvious way to earn some extra Borderlands 3 cash but it can be a good way to do so without taking much time from the actual game. During the early game, there is a good monster spawn for farming. There is a small cave south of Ascension Bluff on Pandora which has some skags in it. Kill those skags until the special skag spawns and comes out of the cave area. Kill it to collect the loot then go inside the cave and loot the gun chest. When you leave the cave, it will spawn you next to the vending machines to sell all that loot then you can grab a vehicle to drive back and repeat it continuously.


      If you’re later in the game with access to the planet Eden-6 then there’s a good way to earn some Borderlands 3 money there. Go to Floodmoor Basin and complete the mission with Wainwright Jakobs (he owns a mansion there). Once completed, you get to go inside the mansion which contains two weapon chests for you to loot and then sell the items. If you close the game to the main menu then join again, you will spawn next to the chests so you can loot and sell them as many times as you like! This might be patches out by the developers at some point but for now, use it as much as you want or need!


      Grenade Farming


      If you have the deluxe edition of Borderlands 3 then this is a viable method for grinding some extra Borderlands 3 cash. You need to have the Rubber Cheddar Shreddar grenade mod which only comes from the Toy Box Pack. If you sold this mod then you need to make a new character to receive those bonuses again. The mod gives you a perk that means throwing a grenade at an enemy will make them drop lots of money on the floor. So all you need to do is go find large groups of enemies to damage lots at a time or you could team up with a friend and duel.


      It’s possible to gift this mod to others so if you sold it then you could make an alternative account, join with a friend to give it to them who can then give it to your main account. You can also just give it to your friend so they can farm with you. Then when you duel, you both just spam grenades at each other to deal damage and collect lots of cash. You two can do this repeatedly by refilling the grenade ammo at a vending machine the dueling again. Doing this at Sanctuary is convenient since you will be close to the location to buy SDUs.

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