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      I’m going to be making a youtube movie called Naruto – A New Era using recorded footage from Storm 4, Full Burst, Ultimate Ninja 4 (ps2 game), and a few of the actual episodes of Naruto/Naruto Shippuden. I’m going to need moveset mods made for Storm 4 and Full Burst tho, and honestly I suck at modding this game xD So any help would be appreciated. If you think you could teach me, or if you find the concepts of the movesets intriguing enough to make them yourself, I’d be extremely grateful. So yeah, volunteers wanted I guess haha. Only a few of the mods will need to be made for both Storm 4 and Full Burst however, and those are the ones of Masked Man and Tobi (Great Ninja War), Naruto (and his awakening), Tsunade, and Madara Uchiha (Reanimated and Perfect Susano’o). Also the ones I just mentioned are going to be for the story mode of Full Burst as well, idk if that makes a difference in the coding.

      A full list of the movesets I’m going to need is this:

      Naruto (Tailed Beast Bomb version, 7th Hokage Version, and his awakenings in those two forms)

      Sasuke (The Last version)

      Sakura (any version, I guess since they have the same moveset)






      Orochimaru (two different mods for him, one for him with his arms still sealed and one with them not sealed)


      Masked Man/Tobi (Great Ninja War version, however these two will have the same one)




      and some completely custom ones for the following:





      I do have concept videos of all these movesets that I will upload to youtube when I have time, I’m very busy with work and family issues rn as well. There are also smaller mini mods that only mod one thing of a character such as a grab or a tilt (such as modding Madara’s grab to be Pain’s grab when he heals Orochimaru’s arms in the movie), but I could probably figure those out and if not I will let you guys know.

      If anyone shows interest, I’ll start uploading the concept videos to YouTube.

      Thanks in advance 🙂

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